Tri-County R/C Flyers
January 3, 2018
Meeting Minutes
New members:
• Two new members attended the meeting. Let’s give a welcome to Dan Tollison and Jim Wisness.
Old Business:
• None
New Business:
• Our bank account stands at $1567.23.
• We have elected the same officers as last year.
• The Cancer Aware Association would like us to participate in their upcoming balloon launch. Bill Kirkpatrick will contact them for more information.
• The road to the field is washing out again. Steve Huntley will look into getting more rock.
• Ken Whitfield reported that the fence is in need of repair.
• The two new members introduced themselves and gave some of their background.
• There was a discussion on how we might get the rest of the club members to register on the new website. There are still a large number of members who have not registered. If you need help registering please contact Danny Dean at 864-359-7205 or email him at
• None
Show and Tell:
• Steve Huntley showed his second P47 3D lab printed airplane. This one will have retractable landing gear. There was some discussion on how he might install a steerable tail wheel.
• Bill Kirkpatrick showed his K&S wire bender and some of its capabilities and offered it for any member to borrow.
Next Meeting:
• The next meeting will be held at 6:00 pm on February 7, 2019 at the Anderson County Airport.